In April 2018 an educational visit to Freiburg took place, sponsored by Caritas Germany within the community based preschool education program for children. A high rank delegation of four members from the Palestinian Ministry of Education visited Caritas Germany and a number of preschools to learn about the educational system of early childhood in Freiburg. The delegation from the Palestinian Ministry of Education represented by Mr. Yousef Odeh , Acting Director General of General Education, Mr. Shaher Baker, Acting Director of General Education, Mr. Fakhri Safadi , Director General of Buildings and Ms Suheir Awwad, Head of Kindergartens Divisionwas  accompanied by Dr. Irene Berger, the project consultant of Caritas Germany, and Ms. Yusra Mohamad the director of the early childhood domain in the Trust, and Mr. Farid Abu Gosh the president of the Trust. The knowledge gained in this visit had an additive value to the Palestinian early childhood education.