Learn by play program: a recreational day was implemented for the students who are part of learn by play program, with the participation of 100 students from Shu’fat girls school. The day was conducted by Mr. Iman Atallah in order to   release stress, bring joy and pleasure and reward them for their efforts to improve their academic levels.

The students participated in competitions,  singing, dancing, acting, drama along with the Palestinian child center, learn by play tutors and the teachers of UNRWA school.

يوم فرح ومرح (2)

Working with parents: A meeting was held for the mothers of the students in learn by play program. 40 mothers along with their daughters participated in the day where they produced dolls together in order to reduce the gap between them and to create talks with each other.

The day was organized by a trainer from Sadeel instituaion Ms. Abeer Jaber with the assistance  of learn by play tutor.

The students were so happy for the quality time they spent with their mothers and the mothers were grateful that they were able to understand their daughters behaviors and needs.


Mother to mother program:  Recreational day was implemented at the Palestinian child center in Shu’fat refugee camp with the participation of 23 child and 17 mothers from home counseling. The day was carried out by 6 paraprofessionals where it included sports exercises,  parachute, paintings, competitions, dancing, playing in the balls pool and breakfast.

The mothers feedback was so positive and they asked for more days like this.

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Working with couples group :  The second meeting with the couples group was implemented at the Palestinian child center in Shu’fat refugee camp by Mr. Ala’a Kharoube from Caritas institution with the participation of 5 couples ( 5 mother, 5 fathers). The meeting  was about positive parenting  and how parents should avoid violence by searching for  positive alternatives to deal with their children’s behaviors.  Also, how parents should draw clear lines when dealing with wrong behaviors ,to focus on dialogue with the children  and to be good examples for their children.

The parents declared that such gatherings provide them with the skills to be more discipline  and contain their children. They asked for more regular meetings in the future.

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Voluntary days at the hospitals (Augusta Victoria hospital and Ramalah hospital) : several days were  implemented by 6 paraprofessionals and 12 girls from young women empowerment program.  Different activities were conducted for the children like playing with the clown, using balloons to create different shapes, drawing on faces, producing dolls in addition to counseling for the mothers by the paraprofessionals about children’s growth.

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