On Thursday 24th of November 2016, Trust of programs for early childhood, family and community education organized a conference on“ Children of today determine the future” honored by the Minister of education and  higher education and in collaboration with the Palestinian Ministry of education, Al Tirah college, Caritas Germany and with the participation of representatives of the local community, early childhood organizations and preschools teachers and tutors.

Mr. Farid Abu Gosh, the President of the Trust said that Community based preschool education program for children in Palestinefollows the life oriented approach which reflects the real life of the children and their families and affecting their daily life.

Mr. FawziMujahed, the representative of the Minister of education and higher education Dr. SabriSidemfocused on the role of the Ministry in the preschools to enhance the role of the Palestinian children in the community and environment to create a new generation who is able to build the future.

Mr. Dergham Abdel Aziz, director of education in Jerusalem district – UNRWA described the period before entering school as a triangle that consists of the mother, the father and environment who prepare the child in a healthy way in order to adapt with the preschool.

Mr. Ali AbuZeid, General director of the Directorate of education talked about the framework of the Palestinian curriculum of early childhood. As for Dr. Aisha Al Refa’e, dean of educational sciences and women’s community College, she discussed the role of universities and institutes in educating the preschools teachers and the notable role of Al-Teeracollege in partnering with Trust of Programs.

Ms. Irene Berger, the German consultant from Caritas Germany elaborated more about the life oriented approach through cultures. Ms. Yusra Mohamad the program director highlighted the synergy of this approach with the Palestinian national curriculum framework and the reality that the Palestinian children are living in. The day also included presenting experiences from the field about the life oriented approach which were presented by Dr. Walid Al Khateeb from the Palestinian Ministry of health, Mrs. Vivian Tannour from A.M Qattan Foundation and Mrs. Suhair Awad from the Palestinian Ministry of Education.

The conferencewas successfully  managed by Dr. Adnan Abdel Razek, the academic consultant at Trust was summed up by Mr. Farid Abu Gosh through a discussion session and came out with the following future visions/ recommendations:

  • Starting a steering committee to help in Spreading this successful experience to other educational frameworks
  • Raising funds to support the training of professional capacities who will supervise the implementation of the program in a holistic and integrative way and involving the parents.
  • Developing two community preschools as a model of implementing the Life Oriented Approach
  • Developing a resource center that contributes to deepening and spreading this approach